Drew & Jenna

Drew & Jenna
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Catch Up

Lots of exciting things have happened this year! 
PS I know I am so behind its ridic!

November of 2013 we received the best news we could have ever received!!!

Some people don't know that we were going through fertility the past 2 years and I decided I needed a break, I remember reading my sisters blog when they were trying to have a baby and she said she remember she would just sit on the shower floor and sob because she didn't understand why...I would do the same thing, all these people around you had no problems getting pregnant but you couldn't it was the most emotionally challenging process I have been through. Anyway, we decided to take a break for awhile and I had called Dr. Cannon to start things back up and he set me up with a Dr. in Salt Lake to start doing artificial, the week before we were suppose to go start our shots I hadn't had my period for a couple weeks and I just thought well I will take a test and see..not being very hopeful because of past experiences, and as I sat there and watched 2 lines show up I about had a freak out! it was my only test so we ran to the store bought a few more tests and couldn't believe they were all YES!! 
Since I saw those 2 lines I haven't been able to thank my Heavenly Father enough, It is amazing how our Heavenly Father does answer prayers I have always had a testimony of that but I now have a better understanding of that and of his love for us and he answers truly do come when they are suppose to and when the time is right.
 Baby Darrington coming July 2014!!
13 Weeks

Baby's second ultrasound- Love that little nose

We wanted to have a gender reveal party, and who else to through it but the hostess with the mostess...Nikki.  She was the only one who new, me and Drew had no idea I had my doctor call her and made her promise not to say a word not even to her husband and she never said a word to anyone!! once again Nikki thank you so much for the fun party! I was so glad we were able to share it with everyone!!...WARNING: Pic overload

We made bows and mustaches and put them on sticks so everyone could make their guess!

IT'S A BOY!!!! 
We could not be more excited I am so excited to meet my little man! It is amazing how much love you can have someone! 

24 Weeks

31 Weeks!

32 Weeks!

I know I am huge! I had 3 people come up to me at wal-mart who I had never seen before and in their sweetest face ask me "how many more days?" my reply...like 7 Weeks haha their look=priceless...just gotta laugh, but he can't come out yet he needs to hang out a little while longer!

I haven't had any real crazy cravings but here is a few things that really stuck out 

my 1st trimester-
 I was sick everyday and threw up or dry heaved every morning and some nights...so I lived on ginger ale and saltine crackers, and baked potatoes when I could I would eat a baked potato!!

2nd Trimester-
I went through a pickles and ham phase...so funny just that nothing else
the thought of ice cream made me cringe but I got my energy back and could eat just about anything!

3rd Trimester so far-
Cannot get enough snow cones pomegranate to be exact and I love Ice Cream again!!!...ha maybe that is why I look like I am about to pop
but over all feeling really good so far cannot complain! 

We cant wait for July 28  to be here so we can meet our little peanut!!
Did I mention that July 28 is my Dad & Brothers birthday as well...I think that would be the best birthday present for them is a new grandbaby and nephew! so we are all hoping and crossing our fingers for the 28th!!

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