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Drew & Jenna
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Catch Up

Lots of exciting things have happened this year! 
PS I know I am so behind its ridic!

November of 2013 we received the best news we could have ever received!!!

Some people don't know that we were going through fertility the past 2 years and I decided I needed a break, I remember reading my sisters blog when they were trying to have a baby and she said she remember she would just sit on the shower floor and sob because she didn't understand why...I would do the same thing, all these people around you had no problems getting pregnant but you couldn't it was the most emotionally challenging process I have been through. Anyway, we decided to take a break for awhile and I had called Dr. Cannon to start things back up and he set me up with a Dr. in Salt Lake to start doing artificial, the week before we were suppose to go start our shots I hadn't had my period for a couple weeks and I just thought well I will take a test and see..not being very hopeful because of past experiences, and as I sat there and watched 2 lines show up I about had a freak out! it was my only test so we ran to the store bought a few more tests and couldn't believe they were all YES!! 
Since I saw those 2 lines I haven't been able to thank my Heavenly Father enough, It is amazing how our Heavenly Father does answer prayers I have always had a testimony of that but I now have a better understanding of that and of his love for us and he answers truly do come when they are suppose to and when the time is right.
 Baby Darrington coming July 2014!!
13 Weeks

Baby's second ultrasound- Love that little nose

We wanted to have a gender reveal party, and who else to through it but the hostess with the mostess...Nikki.  She was the only one who new, me and Drew had no idea I had my doctor call her and made her promise not to say a word not even to her husband and she never said a word to anyone!! once again Nikki thank you so much for the fun party! I was so glad we were able to share it with everyone!!...WARNING: Pic overload

We made bows and mustaches and put them on sticks so everyone could make their guess!

IT'S A BOY!!!! 
We could not be more excited I am so excited to meet my little man! It is amazing how much love you can have someone! 

24 Weeks

31 Weeks!

32 Weeks!

I know I am huge! I had 3 people come up to me at wal-mart who I had never seen before and in their sweetest face ask me "how many more days?" my reply...like 7 Weeks haha their look=priceless...just gotta laugh, but he can't come out yet he needs to hang out a little while longer!

I haven't had any real crazy cravings but here is a few things that really stuck out 

my 1st trimester-
 I was sick everyday and threw up or dry heaved every morning and some nights...so I lived on ginger ale and saltine crackers, and baked potatoes when I could I would eat a baked potato!!

2nd Trimester-
I went through a pickles and ham phase...so funny just that nothing else
the thought of ice cream made me cringe but I got my energy back and could eat just about anything!

3rd Trimester so far-
Cannot get enough snow cones pomegranate to be exact and I love Ice Cream again!!!...ha maybe that is why I look like I am about to pop
but over all feeling really good so far cannot complain! 

We cant wait for July 28  to be here so we can meet our little peanut!!
Did I mention that July 28 is my Dad & Brothers birthday as well...I think that would be the best birthday present for them is a new grandbaby and nephew! so we are all hoping and crossing our fingers for the 28th!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At the first of May we went down to Vegas to watch the Supercross race. While we were there we thought we have to go see some shows.  So I voiced the opinion of going to The Price is Right. My brother went to it with some of his friends and said it was a blast. So we got our tickets and headed to the show. Before you go into the show if you would like a chance to be called on stage you have to go stand in this line and pretty much say “hey I wanna be called up” and they ask you a few questions and so on. So we sit down and wait for the show and our host so happens to be Jerry Springer, which by the way was a awesome host! He was hilarious!...The show gets started and they call the first round of contestants down and everyone is just going crazy having a ball. So the next round comes around and they call out a few names and then we all hear “JENNA DARRINGTON” me and Drew look at each other and I am just beat red! So I get down there and pick my little microphone box to bid on the item they have and it is a really nice watch. I was the second person to bid on the item the 1st guy bid 350.00 I was 250.00 and so one. After everyone was done bidding we hear this “DING DING” and Jerry tells us that this means someone has the exact bid. So they make us wait as we all look around and they yell the correct bid is $250.00. I about passed out I was so nervous, excited SHOCKED!!! So I go on up the stage and Jerry is asking me all of these question about where I live, what I do, what my family does. Of course I say I am from Burley, ID and my family farms and he has the whole audience give an applause for the farmers he said “if it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t eat” thank you Jerry ;) So after that they open up the doors and there is a Pool Table and a set of golf clubs and the game is Piggy Bank. So as I am guessing my numbers 0-9 I get the pool table one first which means I won it!! I just started jumping up and down and walk off stage because I get nervous haha. After I walk off the producer walks up to me and says come and meet with me after the show. The Vegas show is a little different than the TV show I didn’t get to spin the wheel or do the showcase because they try and let more people get an opportunity to be on stage and experience it. After the show I went and met with the producer they wanted to try and cash me out on the pool table and watch. Which they would have only gave me $500.00 and the pool table is worth $1300.00 I don’t think so. So I cashed in on the watch because it was ugly and I collected my $100.00 from getting the exact bid. They told me it would take up to 9 months to receive the pool table. Well I think I got lucky because my pool table came about 2 weeks ago! I am so bummed they didn’t allow cameras in the theatre but I got some of my dad and Drew putting the pool table together! By the way thanks mom and dad for letting me store it in your house until I get one big enough J

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whoo hoo

Ok I have to brag a little bit! I have been wanting an iPad ever since they came out so a couple weekends ago me and drew were in Boise at the state cheer comp and Lacey had hers and she has been telling me about how she loves her so I told drew I'm getting one this weekend i have been saving up for one so I'm getting one! So after the comp we headed to the mall and I did I got one! I love it! It is so nice for everything I have going on with cheer, keeping me and drew entertained checking my email real fast! I think I might have to save up and get on for drew to!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

NeW AdDiCtIon

So lately I have been into painting and decorating these wood projects from the wood connections. It is such a fun store and it is addicting here are some that I have done lately and I cant wait to go back in a few weeks to buy more! Here is the link so everyone should check it out!!http://thewoodco.blogspot.com/
My St. Patties day decore!

Happy Valentines day!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So for Christmas last year (2010) my parents got us a trip to Cancun and we were all just about ready to go and Nikki and Blair get the call that they are going to be parents and get to adopt. Well when Crews due date was, was when we were suppose to fly out. So my parents cancelled the trip and we decided to go back this year. CAN I JUST SAY!!! I WANT TO GO BACK! There is nothing wrong with waking up to a beach view and people serving you. I loved Cancun and I seriously cannot wait to go back. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of going somewhere for a warm vacation! We flew out of Salt Lake on a Sunday and had to be at t airport and 4:30AM! And who would have thought that the airport is pretty busy that early…well way busier than I was expecting. So we got on our plane and headed out to Mexico we landed and headed to our hotel. My parents have been to Cancun a quite a few times over the years and they asked all of us what is the first thing you guys wanna do when we get there and all of us kids said with no hesitation was “GO TO THE BEACH” so that is exactly what we did, got our swim suits on and headed down to the beach…Thank you mom and dad so much for taking us there we had an absolute blast you guys are the best :)
Here is a few pics of our week in Cancun…
Here is the family at Explor
It was alot of fun we got to go swimming
and canoeing in caves and go zip lining through the
Jungle. Im so glad we did it

While we were there we went on a tour to Tulum.
We went on a book of mormon tour that gives a twist
 of the ruins in book of mormon times.
It was a great experience.
On the tour he took us snorkeling and to a cenote.

This is the few from our hotel.
There is ABSOLUTLY NOTHING wrong with this view haha

While we were at Tulum.
It sits right on the beach

Since we were at the beach
we couldn’t leave without building a sand castle!

Just playin in the water! I love the ocean

Monday, November 21, 2011

...cAn I jUsT SAy...

Wow…can I just tell you how much I love this man. He left me for 3 days to go on a riding trip with his brothers Jeff and Brian…and can I just say I am missing him like crazy!!!...He is absolutely my best friend and I love him with my whole heart! I am so so happy I get to be with him for eternity. I really am so lucky to have him. He is always there when I need him no matter what(unless its harvest then I just don’t ask haha jk even then he is). I know I drive him up the freaking wall all the time especially lately, because I have just been driving him nuts to get us in a house to move into. But he always knows how to make me so feel so happy when I am feeling so down. This past month I have been having a really hard time with some things and he just listens to me and comforts me. He is the most positive person I know and is always happy…unless I am spending money J(ha I just had to throw something like that in.) But seriously he is amazing and I love him with all my heart. He is my best friend and our marriage is the best thing that has ever happened. He is such a strong priesthood holder and he really cherishes that he is one as do I. He is amazing I just can’t say it enough…I love you Drew.
So I have a new addiction…and it is called PINTERST!! I have been doing it for awhile but it is becoming a serious problem! Haha that is all I want to do is look at it full time. There is so many crafts on there that I want to try so bad or a recipe of some kind! It is so fun! It’s fun to talk to my sister in laws Char and Ami about it because we always ask or tell each other did you see that on PINTEREST! I am always telling Drew “I wanna do this and that and make this” haha good thing he is a trooper but i don't think he minds when he gets some yummy treat or something new for dinner :)